Trondheim’s Dirtybit Release Dino Dash

Their recent success at the Nordic Startup Awards crowned an exceptional few years for the three NTNU students behind Dirtybit. Today, things could get even better for them.

The mobile app developers struck gold when their multiplayer game Fun Run shot to the top of Apple’s download charts. To date, Fun Run has been downloaded over 40 million times. The follow-up to Fun Run has been eagerly-awaited by its fans, but also by those of us who monitor the goings-on at startups around Norway.

Today that moment has arrived as Dirtybit, whose staff has swelled to 8, launch Dino Dash:

“Race your Dinos and compete against 5 of your best friends! Who will win? Dino Dash is a multiplayer racing game where you compete in various game modes against other players from all over the world.”

“The Fun Run creators are back with a new, addictive multiplayer racing game! Dino Dash has beautiful cartoony graphics and introduces elimination and boss fight game modes. The goal is first and foremost to have tremendous fun with friends, and secondly to collect Dinos, gain new skills and powerups in order to be the best among your friends. By giving players the option to create custom leaderboards, they can host engaging tournaments and share the fun.”

“Are you up to the challenge of training your Dinos to become the best? Join the fun and race others in three different types of races: Climb the leaderboard by beating the others to the finish line; Try the Egg Hunt where you can win Dinotastic prizes and the losers are eaten alive; Beat the Boss to open up new and adventurous zones.”

How will Dino Dash fare?

Game development is a notoriously tough industry, and the explosion of mobile devices has made things even tougher. Even the biggest success story of them all – Rovio’s Angry Birds – was followed by a ton of titles that didn’t make it. So much so, that Rovio is no longer a games company:

“After reporting flat profits last year, Rovio has a busy year ahead of them with more game releases, and most notably more noise being made on the entertainment side. Rovio is has planned a 2016 movie release and is growing up its own distribution channel for animated content, called ToonsTV, which is just starting its second season, among more theme park openings” – Arctic Startup

The folk at Dirtybit have given themselves every chance though, taking and further developing the popular multiplayer format from Fun Run.

“We’ve taken what we’ve learned from Fun Run and the feedback from our users into the core of Dino Dash. With Dino Dash we aim to show that Fun Run wasn’t just a one-­hit ­wonder, and that we’re able to innovate with our games. Large gaming companies are trying to create the same multiplayer system, so we’re really excited to set the standard and continue to be the market leader in this space”, says Nicolaj Petersen, co-founder and COO of Dirtybit.

Watch this space!