The Power of the Crowd in Copenhagen

Regular readers of the Technoport Playground will know how proud we are of our Share the Problem concept. Our latest event was held last week at DIGS here in Trondheim, all about the future of the transport system in Norwegian cities. A full report is coming soon!

Our Share the Problem concept is one example of what is commonly referred to as crowdsourcing.

Definition of crowdsourcing

Definition via Google

Of course, we’re not the only organisation out there to embrace the power of “the crowd”

There’s a whole bunch of private sector companies, governmental organisations and charities doing similar things.

Introducing Crowdsourcing Week Europe

Crowdsourcing Week EuropeCrowdsourcing Week Europe 2014 explores the best practices in crowdsourcing and the collaborative economy that are fundamentally changing society, mindsets and possibilities across all industries.

Taking place from 14-16 October in Copenhagen, CSW Europe follows a successful global conference in Singapore that saw forward-thinkers from 31 countries converge to learn, network, and engage. CSW Europe’s program will provide an equally in-depth look at the impact of the crowd economy, crowdfunding, and crowd technologies—and what it means for you. Learn from 30+ crowd­sourcing experts at the frontier, discover what this shift means for your industry, and learn how to leverage the crowd for your organization.

Speakers comprise of pioneers that are leading disruptive, crowd-driven transformations in their industry. Nathan Waterhouse, openIDEO; Troels Lange Anderson, Lego; and Ken Webster, Ellen MacArthur Foundation are just a few of the speakers who will be highlighting how crowds are driving ideas, innovation, and acceleration.

A nice feature of this conference is the themed approach, allowing you to pick and choose the days most relevant to you:

  • Tuesday, October 14 – Crowd Economy: Big Picture Impact
  • Wednesday, October 15 – Crowdfunding: Invest, Innovate & Accelerate
  • Thursday, October 16 – Crowd Technologies & Business Models

Here at Technoport, we work with crowdfunding (Live Crowdfunding Experiment) and crowdsourcing (Share the Problem) on a regular basis so we’re confident this conference will be of interest to our crowd.

Check out the full agenda here.