That was Startup Weekend Trondheim

A new technology to drive better online discussions won Startup Weekend Trondheim last weekend. The team want On Topic to be adopted by newspaper and magazine websites, so users can immediately get a feel for the discussion without wading through a long list of comments.

Key to their victory against five other strong ideas was their presentation, which communicated the concept quickly and clearly.

Team spokesperson Jørgen Foss Eri was thrilled and is often the case at Startup Weekends, the idea wasn’t the one he was hoping to work on:

“It was a happy accident! I came to pitch a different idea but ended up pitching this one too. It’s my first Startup Weekend. Having someone to go with made all the difference to me and gave me the confidence to pitch.”

“The team management aspect was the crucial part. Working with complete strangers for the weekend is a challenge! At times we were split in all different directions but we worked through it. We spent all of Saturday pinning down the concept.”

Winning team On Topic

Wild Wood Design was awarded second place for their hardware idea to reuse and recycle waste wood into design-led furniture for hotels and restaurants. The team were hard at work in the DIGS workshop all weekend and managed to produce a table that impressed judge Tommy Dahlen so much that he lay down cold hard cash to purchase it. A great start for their business!

Wild Wood Design

Technoport was a proud sponsor once again and our CEO Gøril Forbord was on the judging panel:

“It was really fun, I love Startup Weekend! At Technoport we are working to awaken the entrepreneurial mindset and I know of no better way than this. Being a judge is tough because you have such a short time to evaluate the ideas, but I do think some of these ideas could go forward to become real businesses. It’s important for some of them to talk with real customers as soon as possible.”

It’s awesome to see the Trondheim event finally gaining momentum, with a great mix of skills and ages ranging from 12 to 70!

To keep in touch with the organisers and be first in the queue next time, simply like their Facebook page. If you can’t wait until the next event, check out Startup Weekend Bergen, starting this Friday.


Mentoring at Startup Weekend

Photo credits: Victor Kleive & Stina Liland Nysæther