Technology Optimism and Touching Awards

“We must ensure that the different innovation environments collaborate and meet more”, said HRH Crown Prince Haakon as he opened the Manifestasjon 2014 business conference.

Technoport’s representative paid extra special attention to HRH Crown Prince’s request. We now look forward to 18 & 19 March next year for our very own #technoport15, one arena where the main purpose is that innovators will meet.

A commitment to the development of a green, global world economy, and innovation and entrepreneurship as a tool for realizing this were the foundations of Crown Prince Haakon’s speech.

“We need a strong commitment to research, and support for innovation and entrepreneurship. The big shift we are going through, and that much of the development must be about, is the big transition to renewable energy”, he stressed.

A technology optimist

Crown Prince Haakon emphasised that rich countries like Norway must go ahead and take the risk and cost associated with developing new technologies that will give us a green, global economy.

“I am a technology optimist. I have always believed that technology will go ahead and give people the products we really want – and that makes us environmentally friendly shoppers, without the consumer necessarily have to be consciously driven by idealism”, told the Crown Prince, before he revealed he has a preference for a certain type of electric vehicle.

“I’m a big fan of raw electric cars and the cars that people want because they are the best and toughest; not because they feel an obligation to buy one of these green cars.”

Touching awards

The theme of this year’s Manifestasjon was the commercialization of technology, one of two strategic areas of focus for the Chamber of Commerce in Trondheim.

Over 700 managers and key personnel in the Trondheim region’s business and community leaders attended Manifestasjon 2014 There was a good atmosphere, interesting lectures and extremely good “mingle factor”.

Prizegivings have a tendency to touch yours truly. It was in this respect a busy evening when both the distribution of total 1 million in Adolf Øyens start-up grants to ThermaSIC, BeatStac and AssiTech and a very well deserved Madame-Beyer Award for Chamber of Commerce manager, Berit Rian, produced tears in my eyes.

Crown Prince Haakon

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Photo credit: Gry Karin Stimo / Næringsforeningen