Startup Weekend: From Oslo to Trondheim

Anyone who’s anyone in the technology world is in Oslo right now for Oslo Innovation Week. How better to kick off the week celebrating the very best of Norwegian innovations than with a Startup Weekend?

The Oslo event is now well-established among entrepreneurs, developers and designers, but this, the 10th edition, still attracted a healthy mix of experienced and first-time attendees. In particular, there were over 10 designers in attendance, a skill-set often in short supply at Startup Weekends.

The top three ideas were an app for eliminating queues from tourist attractions, a virtual graffiti wall for location-based check-ins and a food market allowing local farmers to sell niche produce. The latter was one of three pitches related to food (perhaps they read this article on why now is the perfect time to start a food startup!) while others involved hardware. It was refreshing to see a good mix of ideas.

The facilitator Kathleen Fritzsche, co-founder of Accelerate Stuttgart, was thrilled with the success of the event and in particular how the teams did their homework:

“The teams did a great job on customer validation. Most attended the workshop on business model canvas where they learned the basics and then put it into action. You could really tell from the final pitches they had done the validation work talking to customers, and some even pivoted based on customer feedback from real people. It’s so important to do that and it’s a very important learning process for the team. So much better than sitting alone working all weekend without asking anyone for feedback!”

Does this sound like something you’d like to have a go at? Well, now is your chance!

From Oslo to Trondheim

Startup Weekend TrondheimOslo passes the Startup Weekend Norway baton on to Trondheim for our event from 7-9 November. Tickets are now available here for the event.

Startup Weekend Trondheim, sponsored by Technoport, will connect you to like-minded people who believe in creating a better world through innovation and making things happen. Whether you’re a student or have been working as a developer, designer, marketer, or entrepreneur for several years, Startup Weekend will spark something very special inside of you!

People with ideas (you don’t need one!) pitch on the Friday night, after which teams are formed. Those teams then work to develop their idea in just 48 hours, ready for a final pitch battle on Sunday night. Many teams go on to continue their projects after the weekend, and some have even built multi-million dollar companies as a direct result of Startup Weekend.

You might end up working through the night.

You might get tired.

But you will make new friends, new business contacts and have an experience like no other!

Read more and register now.