Smart Watches – the next big thing?

On Wednesday this week, Samsung introduced the Smart watch, Galaxy Gear. This smart phone accessory can pick up notifications, control music playback, and keep time with a rich variety of watch faces. In addition, the watch can take pictures, and even conduct phone calls.  

Galaxy Gear is not the first smart phone product on the marked though, nor is it the last. Both Sony and Motorola are selling the product, and last year, 330.000 smart watches were sold. Big companies, like Apple, Microsoft and Google believes that the smart watch is the new big marked. According to the analysis company, Canalys, there will be sold five millions smart watches next year.

The smart watch is not a replacement of the smart phone, it relies on a Bluetooth connection to the smart phone. However, a smart watch will open new opportunities for software developers who create applications for health, sport and activities (

Is this a cool gadget you just must have?        

Photo by: Samsung Electronics (CC)