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Share the Problem: Transnova

It’s time to share a new problem. This time the future of Trondheim’s transport system needs new thoughts. The Norwegian infrastructure strategy is painted out in a document called Nasjonal transportplan (crudely translated to National plan of Transport). This strategy stipulates that all increase in personel transportation should be done by mass transit or other environmental friendly means like bicycling or walking. To examplify; a city which 10% the of trips are done with the help of mass transit, by bicycle or on foot. This share need to grow to 35% by 2040 to handle the expected increase in transportation needs. That’s a 250% increase in 25 years.

On the 2nd of October we invite you to a Share the Problem on this issue. It is a complicated issue that we won’t completely solve during the 6-hour workshop, but our intention is to describe it, inspire different ways to approach it, and hopefully share a more complete understanding of the problem. Who knows, we might plant the seed of a solution that germinates further down the path of time.

We are in the process of recruiting a diverse room of solvers for the workshop. As one looks for new thoughts, new heads to think them thruogh is often a good idea. So besides curiosity and an internal drive for solutions we ask for little or no previous knowledge of the field. In fact we will start the session with a couple of speakers to paint the backdrop.

These are

Erlend Solem. Fylkesdirektør for samferdsel i Sør-Trøndelag Fylkeskommune (head of transport in the regional municipality.) Erlend has been working with transportation issues in the region and nationwide for over a decade.

Steen Savery Trojaborg. Partner Architect at Dissing Weitling.
Steen is the architectural firm’s partner in charge of «Cykelslangen» a new bike-bridge in central Copenhagen and a contributor to the Copenhagen Cycling Environment.
A city that aims to be the Cycling capital of the World

Guro Berge. Sociologist and Senior advisor at the Norwegian Public Roads Administration (NPRA)
Guro has worked with travel habits and sustainable transport in both NPRA and The Institute of Transport Economics
She has led multiple research projects and programs, is the director of the development of a national pedestrian strategy and is on the Advisers board of Transnova.

The workshop will be held at DIGS on the 2nd of October. form 10:00-16:00 followed by a short social event with something to drink and bite into.
To register your participation, please go to this site.