Finding Innovation på Syden

Ah Syden! The place all you Norwegians spend your summers, winters and, well, as much time as you can, really! I’ve just returned from two weeks in Catalunya (when in Norway, do as the Norwegians do) with a plan to unplug from work and enjoy the sunshine. And I did, to a certain extent. But when you spend much of your working life surrounded by entrepreneurs and writing about innovation, you can’t help but notice things.

Spending time abroad can give you the distance from your projects you need to give you clarity and help decision-making. It can also provide new inspiration, by seeing how things work in another country with different priorities and different ways of working.

Here’s what’s going down right now in Barcelona…

3D Printing Hub

Hewlett Packard, the world’s biggest printer manufacturer, has committed to the concept and has chosen its Resarch & Development centre at Sant Cugat del Valles as the home of its global 3D printing business.

Barcelona is also home to Natural Machines, creators of the Foodini, one of the few 3D food printers on sale in the world today. The company’s MD, Emilio Sepulveda, told Barcelovers magazine that although the company currently works with restaurants, bakeries and catering companies, many in Asia, the future will “spark off a real revolution in our kitchens”.

3D Printing Food

Experiencing Data

The talented team at Domestic Data Streamers are hitting headlines in Spain and beyond, thanks to their innovative work in the field of data visualisation.

“Behance is one of the biggest creative communities in the world, a platform to showcase and discover new work in any creative field. We were invited to participate in the Barcelona Portfolio Review in order to create a voting system for the candidates for the last talk of the event. Seven panels were displayed with the work of each designer that could do the talk. By generating an ephemeral laboratory where data is literally turned into liquid, we were able to measure and visually perceive the votes made by the assistants”

Data visualisation

How cool is that!?

The Museum of Ideas

As a pale English boy, spending all day on the beach in Barcelona was never an option. When perusing the list of museums and other indoor attractions, two leaped off the list. For non-innovation reasons the chocolate museum was first on my list, but after I’d filled myself up I headed straight down the road to the superbly named Museum of Ideas and Inventions.

Despite its tiny size, it has to be one of Barcelona’s most interesting museums, with constantly changing exhibits showing off the best ideas Barcelona has to offer. Some ideas are useful, some are just plain fun. The museum is the brainchild of Pep Torres, a Barcelona native and professional inventor, musician, designer, writer, creative and TV and radio program collaborator. It’s especially relevant for inspiring kids and indeed hosts classes of schoolchildren for innovation workshops, but don’t worry dear Technoport readers, it’s perfectly suitable for big kids too!

MIBA exhibit  MIBA Exhibit

So the next time you’re “down south”, open your eyes and take a look around. You may be surprised what you see.