Electric Roads – the future for a carbon neutral transport sector?

Did you have an electric racetrack growing up – a racetrack where the racing cars were powered by electricity provided by a slot in the track? Volvo and an inventor in the company Elways are working on to different projects to make this possible for real life cars. The conceptis to charge the electric vehicles directly from the road, by placing two power lines in to the road. In other words, the vehicles would charge directly from the road without the need of battery

Both Volvo and Elways have started testing electric roads in Sweden. The background for this testing is the Swedish government’s aim for the Swedish transport sector to be carbon neutral by 2030. Mats Alaküla, research adviser in Volvo, believes that the concept will be demonstrated on normal roads within 5 years. He believes that the technology will be used commercially before 20 years has passed (tu.no).  

What do you think – are electric roads the answer for a carbon neutral transport sector?