Day Two at Technoport 2014

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Attention turned to the power of the crowd on day two of the Technoport 2014 innovation conference.

On the first day we learned all about social entrepreneurship, specifically how to use technology and innovation to drive social change around the globe. Today, we learned how to utilise the crowd to get our ideas off the ground, whether for passion, profit, or the greater good.

The crowd shared their findings with an even wider crowd on social media, some here in Trondheim, and others around the world following our Twitter account and live stream:


Skype’s Jonas Kjellberg talked about focusing on your millions of potential customers, not marketing strategies, with this simple yet powerful statement:

“There are many marketing professors, but very few sales professors.”

Jonas Kjellberg

Funding your idea

A gloomy outlook on the shrinking Norwegian Venture Capital scene was followed by an exciting look at crowdfunding from IndieGoGo’s Liz Wald, who followed up her talk with a hands-on workshop for budding crowdfunders. The workshop was attended by, amongst others, students who had exhibited their business ideas earlier in the conference.

“Crowdfunding is not just about raising money. You can understand if there is demand for your project, build brand and awareness, capture data and identify influencers” – Liz Wald, IndieGoGo

Liz Wald Indiegogo

Share The Problem

Today’s Share the Problem workshop, hosted by Ericsson and the Scandinavian Design Group, focused on developing business models to take advantage of the decentralised mobile networks of the future (5G). Ericsson staff members joined the session to form three multi-disciplined groups to create particular models for different industries: food supply chains, education, and clothing retail. Ericsson staff enjoyed the opportunity to join in on the workshop model that they frequently run themselves.

Share the Problem

Learning from failure

A common mantra in the entrepreneurship world is it’s good to fail and you shouldn’t be scared of it. Technoport 2014 explored the concept of learning from failure with talks from two people with experience.

Jan van Kranendonk explained how he chose to fail, against the wishes of most people around him, with his solar power startup Sunuru. Kim Daniel Arthur then described how he led Playfish to a quick rise and a successful exit to EA, but suffered a quick fall soon afterwards.

“Jan and Kim were some of the most exciting people I’ve heard speak at the conference. They had a lot of energy because it wasn’t the end, it was part of an ongoing story that anyone could learn from, especially about the concept of choosing to fail. It had personal relevance as well as business relevance” – Megan Jones, Technoport 2014 participant

“Playing games you accept “Game Over” every 30 seconds. Making games you have to accept failure too” – Kim Daniel Arthur

Around the globe

Technoport 2014 welcomed guests from Canada’s MaRS Discovery District who spoke about the strategies used to help tech companies start, grow and succeed in Toronto and Waterloo.

“Your dream job does not exist. You must create it” – Keri Damen, MaRS Discovery District

Keri Damen

Pedro Oliveira travelled from Portugal to describe his Patient Innovation project, which allows patients and caregivers to share the solutions they have created for themselves or their loved ones.

Technoport Crowd

The Technoport Crowd

Now, we’re all off to tonight’s Live Crowdfunding Experiment!

Stay tuned to find out what happens…

Live Crowdfunding Experiment