A Look Back at Share The Problem

The Live Crowdfunding Experiment wasn’t our only experiment at Technoport 2014.

We also launched a series of crowdsourcing workshops, following a successful pilot event with Statoil earlier this year. The concept is simple. Partners describe a real problem specific to their industry and look to source solutions from a diverse group of participants with “fresh eyes”. We called these workshops Share The Problem.

It is fair to say there was a mixed bag of results from across the sessions, but one thing was clear from the feedback: participants enjoyed the process and learned something new.

I caught up with Erlend Solem, Director of Transnova, just before he was due to meet the Norwegian Government’s Transport Committee. He was so excited about the results from the Transnova Share the Problem that a one-minute chat turned into fifteen. Sorry if I made you late, Erlend :)

By providing grants and advice for pilot and demonstration projects, Transnova encourages new and future-oriented sustainable mobility solutions. Their focus areas are:

  • New technologies
  • Increased use of climate-efficient means of transport
  • Reductions in transport

In their Share the Problem session, Transnova asked that if we free ourselves from basing the electric car on the traditional fossil-fuel powered cars, what would the electric car of the future and the system within which it functions look like?


How was your Share the Problem?

Erlend Solem Transnova“We were very excited by the process and the methodology. We had no real idea what to expect so we felt the whole event was an interesting experience. The group was very well mixed, it had a perfect balance of competence, even a Professor in Psychology!”

“We were limited to what we could achieve in two sessions of three hours though, it is a short time to set the groups up and have them deliver results.”

Did participants grasp the concept?

“We tried to have them break out of the box completely, which is especially hard in just a few hours, but I felt that the icebreaker and the presentation of the problem was done very well. The group responded very well.”

“I joined some of the groups as they were working and from the bits I observed, each group worked differently. I spoke with several of the group members during the break and they understood there were different processes across the three groups which was very interesting.”

“The results weren’t ideal, but as we were discussing a totally new system we hadn’t expected that. However, they managed to bring three ideas to a concept description stage, which we felt was fantastic.”

That’s something Transnova can take away?

“Absolutely! We discussed with Technoport during the process if it’s possible for us to use the same method with a combination of our own staff and external participants, as we felt the process and method was very clever and effective.”

What did you think?